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Every year Bruce Bear and his adventurous friends Doug Bear, Roger Bear, Amanda Bear, and Cindy Bear go on an exciting camping trip. Bruce, being a meticulous planner, prepares a detailed list of items for each bear to bring. While the bears were going over the details of the trip, an unexpected gust of wind blew and swept the last page of Bruce’s lists right out of his big bear Paw! The wind was too swift and too strong for the bears to catch the page before it fluttered out of reach. Now, Bruce Bear faces the challenge of remembering who he assigned each item to from that missing page.

Bear Names:

Bruce Bear   -   Doug Bear   -   Roger Bear

Amanda Bear   -   Cindy Bear 

Sign Language 
Coming Soon!

Tayler Goectau:
As a DeafDisabled person, I found myself in a unique position to explore my abilities of serving my communities.  Access to ASL has greatly improved my life, relationships, and education.  Experiencing firsthand the positive impact quality accessibility can have in all aspects of life motivated and encouraged me to pursue Deaf interpreting in ASL/English, but also diving into tactile and Protactile interpreting, communication facilitation, and co-navigation. 

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