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Bear Picture 4
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Roger Bear is known among his friends for his exceptional foraging skills. He cannot resist the allure of the woods, where he will often disappear for hours and return with a huge basket overflowing with freshly picked plump berries. He has a keen eye for spotting the juiciest ones hidden among the dense green leaves. Roger loves to preserve the sweetness by making berry jam to spread on his toast. He also delights in blending his freshly picked berries into cool and refreshing smoothies. In the autumn, when he is looking for something warm for his tummy, Roger bakes delicious berry pies with golden crusts. On this camping trip, Bruce knows that it will be hot, and the bears will want something sweet to drink. Knowing Roger’s talent, he assigned Roger to bring this beverage.

Sign Language 
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Need a Little Hint?

Knowing Roger’s talent, Bruce assigned Roger to bring this beverage.
Look at your list of items.  Which item is a beverage. 
This item was brought by Roger.  

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