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Bear Picture 8 Audio
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One of the activities the bears love to do while camping is to take a night-time hike. They trek through the woods, climbing up to the top of the mountain. The hike can be quite challenging with big boulders and low hanging trees. Bruce noticed on the camp map that one of the paths takes them past a waterfall. This will be quite the site at night with a full moon reflecting on the water. The bears will hike all the way to the top of the mountain where the trees become scarce, and a clearing reveals the dazzling night sky full of twinkling stars. As they hike, they listen intently for their animal friends that thrive in the nocturnal hours, like owls hooting softly and crickets chirping in the cool night air. The bear that is bringing the Wild Blueberry Juice is also bringing flashlights to help illuminate their path, ensuring a safe and magical experience during their nighttime adventures. 

Sign Language 
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 Need a Little Hint?

The bear bringing the Wild Blueberry Juice is also ringing the Flashlights.  

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