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Bear Picture 12 Audio
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Bruce’s List is complete!

Now the bears will be sure to have everything they need for a splendid camping trip together!

After their nighttime hike with the flashlights Roger brought, the bears will cozy up in the sleeping bags Bruce provided and settle into the tents Cindy contributed.

The bears will excitedly cast their lines with the fishing poles Doug brought.

As they reel in their impressive catches, they'll store them in the cooler Amanda brought, ensuring the fish stay fresh for a delicious meal later.

For breakfast, they'll enjoy fluffy pancakes made with Amanda's pancake mix, drizzled generously with Doug's golden honey. For a snack, they'll crunch into the crisp apples Cindy collected and sip on Roger's refreshing wild blueberry juice.


Answer to the Packing List Puzzle:

Bruce brought the Sleeping Bags & Marshmallows

Roger brought the Flashlights & Wild Blueberry Juice

Cindy brought the Tents & Apples

Doug brought the Fishing Poles & Honey

Amanda brought the Cooler & Pancake Mix 

Sign Language 
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