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Girl snorkeling near various sea creatures, including a starfish, crab, and jellyfish
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As the sun reached its peak in the sky, Captain Caspian called the children back to the boat to grab some lunch. Being a good boat captain, he prides himself in keeping detailed records of the sea life his passengers see. The children were so excited that they all talked at once, making it hard for the captain to keep up with his note-taking. As he reviewed his records, he remembered that each child had seen a different animal, each in a different location. But who saw what and where? Can you help Captain Caspian figure it out?

Jack, Ariel, Brooke, and Skip saw either a Turtle, Crab, Starfish, or Jellyfish, each in one of the following locations: Surface of the Water, on a Rock Formation on the Sandy Sea Bottom, in a Tidepool, or in the Reeds on the Shore bank.

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