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House with Basketball Net & Mail Truck
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On a scorching summer day, Jack and his pals—Ariel, Brooke, and Skip—were passing the time by shooting hoops on Jack's driveway. Their fun was interrupted by the arrival of the friendly mail lady, who greeted the kids with a few gentle beeps of her mail truck’s horn and a joyful wave hello as she filled Jack's mailbox with a bunch of letters. Jack's mom, calling from the kitchen window, “Jack!” asked him to grab the mail and bring it into the house.

Tayler Goectau:
As a DeafDisabled person, I found myself in a unique position to explore my abilities of serving my communities.  Access to ASL has greatly improved my life, relationships, and education.  Experiencing firsthand the positive impact quality accessibility can have in all aspects of life motivated and encouraged me to pursue Deaf interpreting in ASL/English, but also diving into tactile and Protactile interpreting, communication facilitation, and co-navigation. 

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