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Are you looking to add a unique and festive twist to your golf course offerings? Step into a whimsical world of holiday cheer and golfing fun with our 9-hole golf game featuring Santa's trusted reindeer! Each hole is a delightful surprise as you're greeted by a different reindeer, each explaining their own scoring guidelines for the hole.  Whether you're adding up scores for a team total or strategizing with the highest and lowest scores, every hole brings a new challenge and a touch of North Pole Charm!

Click Santa
to Hear Message.

Game Setup:

  • Each team consists of four players.  (Adjustments can be made for less.)

  • At least one member on the team needs a cellular phone with a QR reader. 

Special Signs

  • Golf event coordinator posts one reindeer sign at the tee box of each hole.  

  • The game is designed for 9 holes of play.  

  • When teams arrive at the tee box, they scan the QR code on the sign and receive a video greeting by one of Santa's reindeer explaining the scoring rules for the hole.  

  • Scoring rules are also written on the sign as well.  

  • Each hole has a different set of rules to add variety to the game.  

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Sample Reindeer Video: 

Click on Video to Hear Audio

Game Play

  •  Reindeer Golf Games is a great way to bring holiday cheer to golfers at your course. 

  • Excellent for mixed ability groups.   

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  • Teams aim to achieve the lowest total score across all holes.

  • Scores are calculated based on the conditions specified on each sign at the respective holes.

Game Conclusion:

  • After completing all holes, teams tally their scores to determine the winner.


Reindeer Golf Games
Golf Outing
for 9 Holes of Golf



*Shipping Costs have already been included in cost. 
  • (1) - Directions

  • (10) -  18" x 24" Corrugated Game Signs with H - Stakes 

  • Digital Images for your own advertisements and decorations.  

  • Golfers can record their team score using the course's score card, but along with your digital items, we will also send you a Reindeer themed score card you can print if you would like.  

       *Digital items will come via e-mail after purchase has cleared.  


Please note, because we are sending you digital items, this is a non-refundable item.  

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