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Mystery Walk Signs for Page - Snorkeling

Join Jack, Brooke, Ariel, and Skip as they go on a snorkeling adventure with Captain Caspian!  Along your walk, you will be given descriptive clues.  Can you help Captain Caspian figure out who saw which animal and in what location?  

The audio recording below contains brief snippets from a few clues.  

Snorkeling Sample
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QR code on a phone

Participants will need to scan QR codes with a mobile device and access the internet. 

Game consists of:

  • 14 - 18" x 24" Corrugated Plastic Weather Friendly Signs with Stakes.
    Each sign has a high quality image clue and a QR Code to access the story clue.   

      The last sign reveals the answer.  

  • 100 Game Sheets (Digital Copy also Included.)

  • Sample waiver with safety guidelines. (Not a legal document.)

  • Extra optional clues are provided at the end to ensure everyone is successful.

Material Choices:  

28/70 lb.  Printer Stock  -  Waterproof/Tear Proof  -  100lb. Card Stock


8.5 x 11 inches  -  11 x 14 inches  -  18 x 24 inches

11x14 Snorkeling Puzzle Sign Examples

28/70 lb.  Printer Stock - $134.00 (8.5 x 11 in.)

Water/Tear Proof Paper - $166.00 (8.5 x 11 in.)

100 lb. Card Stock -

$136.00 (8.5 x 11 in.)

11x14 Snorkeling Puzzle Sign Examples

28/70 lb.  Printer Stock - $174.00 (11 x 14 in.)

Water/Tear Proof Paper - $236.00 (11 x 14 in.)

100 lb. Card Stock -

$178.00 (11 x 14 in.)

Snorkeling Sign Video SMALL

​All Options Include:

  • (14) - Full Color Signs

  • (100) - Black and White Game Sheets printed on 8.5 x 11 Copy Paper

  • Digital Access via QR Code to Audio Mystery.  

  • You will receive a Digital Copy of the Game 
    Sheet so you can make your own copies as well. 

  • You will also receive a digital copy of the game in a printed booklet format for those who may not have the ability to physically navigate a Mystery Walk.  


Please note, because we are sending you digital items so
you can play again, this is a non-refundable item.  

Corrugated Signs - $285.00  (18 x 24 in.)

Price is based on small batch manufacturing cost. 

For an additional fee, we can add your organization's logo on your signs. 

Mystery Walk Setup Suggestions.png
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