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Clue #3 - The Perfect Rubber Formula

Scientists expirement on basketballs
03 - The Perfect Rubber Formula (Audio and Sound Effects)
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The scientists at The Olmec Rugged Rubber Company dedicated years to perfecting their rubber for the creation of the ideal basketball. They drew inspiration from modern-day scientists whose findings led to the development of specific recipes for different rubber characteristics:

-To make the bounciest rubber, perfect for a toy ball, scientists mixed one part latex and one part morning glory juice. 
-For the longest-lasting rubber, ideal for shoes, they mixed 3 parts latex and one part morning glory juice. 
-And for the strongest rubber, suitable for a rubber band, they discovered it was best not to add any morning glory juice at all. 
Given that a basketball requires a combination of bounce, durability, and strength, the Olmec Rugged Rubber Company scientists created three distinct batches of each type and blended them together, adding their own secret ingredient at the end to craft the perfect basketball.

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