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Clue #5 - The Closet

A nearly empty closet with shoes a volley ball and bag.
05 - The Closet (Audio and Sound Effects)
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The basketball teams displayed spirited competition and enjoyed themselves throughout the tournament, leading to an exciting progression that gradually narrowed down to the final teams scheduled to play later on in the day. 

It was midday.  There were only a few more games left in the tournament. To prepare, Barry Bounce, one of the lead scientists, eagerly went to the referees’ office to collect the prize basketballs and to make sure they were in perfect condition and ready to be handed out as rewards.

He walked down the corridor that led to the office, unlocked the door and headed to the closet.  As he opened the door, his smile turned to shock as he discovered the closet completely empty! Their newly invented basketballs were gone!!!

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