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Clue #12 - Barry Bounce Finds a Clue!

Entry ticket that has a basketball on it
12 - Entry Ticket (Audio and Sound Effects)
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Overcome with fret, Barry Bounce slumped into the chair. As he did, a gust of wind blew a small piece of paper out from under the desk. It was an entry ticket for the tournament dated today. To the average person, this may not seem like an interesting finding, but referees don’t need tickets. So why would one be found in their office? The scientists didn’t need tickets to enter either. As they contemplated their discovery further, they realized that only certain suspects on their list needed tickets to enter the tournament. This ticket must have been dropped by the culprit and is another clue!!!

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The ticket was dropped by the person who stole the basketballs.  
Who needs a ticket?
Does a Referee need a ticket to officiate the game?
Does a player need a ticket to play in the game?
Does a spectator (parent) need a ticket to watch the game?
Only one of these people needs a ticket.  

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