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Clue #13 - Another Clue!  

Elaine Elastic on break holding a coffee cup.
13 - Coffee (Audio and Sound Effects)
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Elaine Elastic decided she needed a break and stepped out of the office to clear her mind.  As she walked the hallway thinking about the case and how hard they had worked and how excited they had been to share their creation with the kids, she noticed a small trash can against the wall.  Taking a chance, she peeked in. To her surprise, there was a single crumpled-up receipt. She reached in and pulled it out. There was only one item on the receipt—a cup of coffee. She paused, thought for a moment, and quickly dashed back to the referee’s office. Looking into the trash can there, she found an empty coffee cup. Could it be? It had to be!!! As soon as the referees arrived that morning, they would have headed straight to the courts. They wouldn't have had time to grab a cup of coffee! Elaine Elastic had found another clue. Now, this clue led them to the concession stand.

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