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Clue #14 - The Concession Stand

Working behind the counter, Cookie Collins cheerfully greets the detective. Fires and drinks are on the counter.
14 - Consession Stand (Audio and Sound Effects)
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Detective Dunkwell approached the concession stand with the receipt in hand and inquired about the purchaser of the coffee. Working behind the counter, Cookie Collins cheerfully greeted him, unaware of the tragic event. She told the detective that she only had a few customers that morning, and only one had ordered coffee. The customer had brown hair.  As she was about to provide more of a description, the popcorn machine top burst off, and popcorn began flying everywhere, requiring Cookie’s immediate attention! Not to worry, Detective Dunkwell assured the scientists. With this last bit of information, we now have enough details to solve the case!
With the clues uncovered by Detective Dunkwell, Barry Bounce, Steve Stretch, and Elaine Elastic, can you figure out who the culprit was?

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